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Máy in decal khổ 1m8 KJ-1802S

KJ-1802S Printing Plotter with Epson XP600 head, 1440 dpi quality, fast printing speed, banner printing, billboards, vinyl adhesive, canvas, micro-perforation and signs in general.


High resolution Epson XP600/DX5 print head.
New design of capping station system, more reliable and durable.
Constant voltage pickup and feeding system to ensure smooth and precise operation
Adopt mute guide rails, high precision and smooth operation to ensure perfect quality output
Fully aluminum platform, high precision and durability.
Japanese rails and full aluminum frame to ensure printing precision.
Automatic winding system.
Better quality and stability in the Motherboard and Head Board.
USB 2.0 port output system that is faster and more flexible.

Head EPSON XP600/ DX5
Model KJ-1802S-2H
Colors 4 colors (CMYK)
ink Eco-solvent ink, water-based ink, sublimation ink
RIP software
Maintop, Photoprint (Optional)
Impression material Adhesive vinyl, banner, reflective vinyl, translucent canvas, back-lit film, perforated vinyl,
photo paper, polyester, leather, etc.
Width to print quality n 1800mm
Resolution 1440dpi
Speed 4pass 38m²
6pass 28m²


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